Erinnerungen an die Akademie


A visit to the centuries-old Germanna Colony in Locust Grove, Virginia
(German Academy 2018)


Students collaborate on reading analysis (German Academy 2019)

Students perform at Talent Show event
(German Academy 2018)

Staff and Faculty dressed up for special event
(German Academy 2017)

Students practice dancing
(German Academy 2016)

Students sell “goods” at International Fair event
(German Academy, 2017)

Students hand-making dresses
(German Academy 2017)

Students learning how to dance the Macarena
(German Academy 2017)

Students show off their “Stolz” before a “Fußball” match
(German Academy 2017)

The victorious German team with the trophy from the International “Fußball” Tournament
(German Academy 2022)