Famille: Haïtiens

Moniteur Principal- David Gálvez

Salut ! My name is David (pronounced as “Dahbeed”) Gálvez. I plan to major in Global Politics and Romance Languages as a student at Washington and Lee University. I am very passionate about foreign languages/cultures and, without a doubt, these interests were strengthened through my own experience as a participant of the 2016 French Academy. Fortunately for me, I am excited to say that this summer I have the privilege of working with all of you as your Lead Resident Assistant. See you soon!

Famille: Québécois

Monitrice- Charlotte Davis

Bonjour! My name is Charlotte Davis and I’m a rising sophomore at Christopher Newport University (CNU). I am a double major in French and Business, with a minor in Computer Science. I attended the French Academy as a student in 2017, and am glad to be back as a mono! I’ve been learning French for seven years and am excited to share my passion for the French language with you. In addition to speaking French, I enjoy playing soccer (I play for the CNU Women’s Soccer Team), doing art, dancing, gardening, and hiking. I can't wait to meet everyone this summer!

Famille: Camerounais

Moniteur- Harrison McBride

Salut! My name is Harrison McBride and I am a rising sophomore at Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. I am planning on majoring in International Politics while minoring in French and Art History. I participated in the French Academy in 2017 and am so excited to return as a mono this summer! I have been learning French since middle school and have become very passionate about French culture as a result. Outside of French, I enjoy running, journalism, and environmental activism. I am very excited to meet everyone and can’t wait to have an incredible experience!

Famille: Suisses

Monitrice- Haleigh Tomlin

Bonjour! My name is Haleigh Tomlin and I am a first-year student at Washington and Lee. I have not yet decided what I would like to major in, but I am considering Math and Journalism. This is my 5th year learning French, so I may also get a minor in the language, but no matter what I choose, I will remain passionate about speaking French! One of my favorite things to do is run, but I love almost all sports and games. I also love to dance, watch movies/TV shows, and read. I cannot wait to spend a couple weeks with you this summer!

Famille: Haïtiens

Monitrice-Alexandra “Sasha” Hoyt

Salut! My name is Alexandra Hoyt, though I usually go by Sasha. I graduated last Spring from UVA having majored in Chemistry and Cognitive Science, with a minor in French. Since September, I have been teaching English in three primary schools in Saint-Quentin, France. I enjoy cooking, watching francophone films, and going on long walks. This Fall I will be attending W&L Law, where I hope to explore my interest in intellectual property law. I am very excited to be a monitrice at the French Academy this summer, and I can’t wait to meet you all! A tout à l’heure!

Famille: Sénégalais

Monitrice-Sophia Youngdahl

Salut! My name is Sophia Youngdahl and I’m a rising freshman at Grinnell College- I’m hoping to study Anthropology and International Relations! Since September I have been living with a (wonderful) host family in Tivaouane, Senegal on a gap year. I took French throughout high school, then in Senegal used it as a means to learn Wolof (the language I now primarily speak here) and teach English. I am incredibly passionate about learning through other languages and cultures, a passion initially grown from learning Spanish as a child. In addition, I love to write, sing, hike, and make bad puns. I am so excited to be a montrice this summer, and I very much look forward to meeting everyone! Ba bennen yoon!