Bienvenue à l’académie française!

Le 15 mai 2020
Dear Parents and Académiciens,
We (your Monos, Profs, and Directrice), are incredibly enthusiastic about all of the exciting events we have planned for you during our two-week virtual academy. We have prepared a multitude of activities to make each virtual day full, unique, and memorable. There will be dance, multimedia work, cultural activities and guest speakers from the francophone world! One of our monos is in Paris so he will make sure we get a chance to visit Paris with him, en français bien sûr! 💗 We have tried to limit screen time during our two-week virtual academy without sacrificing the rich academic and cultural offerings we normally provide. Our slogan this year is “On est ensemble”, which sums up our desire to provide a wonderful community of togetherness in our desire to increase our knowledge of French and the francophone culture.